• Why another Media Browser?
    Well, the official XBMC Remote app by the XBMC-team is a great app for Android, but it's only useful with a started XBMC-system. So you can browse your media only with a working XBMC connection. But what, if you are for example in a store and you don't know if you already have the bargain offered movie? With YaMBro, the information is only one click away. You have your full Media-DB always with you on your phone.
  • What does it cost?
    YaMBro is for free use. Though, you're able to donate to us for supporting the development of YaMBro
  • Why can't I find YaMBro on the Google Market Place?
    Here you go
  • I'm the developer of Media Manager xyz. Can you support our Database as well in YaMBro?
    Sure. If it's possible. Please contact us.
  • How can I contribute to the development?
    We always need testers for any device types. Or maybe you have a nice app-Icon for YaMBro? Native speakers for translations are welcomed, too