Beginning with version 0.6.1, we moved to the Android Market. You can download future YaMBro releases there.

Version 0.6

  • fixed major bug in Movies List causing FC
  • added XBMC online updates (experimental!)
  • added separation of Movie & TVShows databases
  • added Mediaportal support
  • added internal database
  • added more filter/sort options
  • added watched status
  • added rating stars
  • improved UI

Version 0.5

  • fixed bug on cover loader
  • fixed bug on TV Eps air dates
  • added Shelf view
  • added caching TV Show covers
  • added more display settings
  • added more sort options

Version 0.4

  • fixed cover downloads on slow connections
  • fixed remember position in actors / directors list
  • fixed bug in movie search (title)
  • fixed some counting bugs
  • fixed runtime calculator
  • fixed source filter
  • added Google Quick Search
  • added nicer loading pics
  • added play TV Episodes in XBMC

Version 0.3

  • improved, more user-friendly preferences (with sanity checks)
  • fixed useOnline setting
  • fixed crashes (e.g. screen-rotation in actor details, movie details with no cover)
  • added Android 2.1 support
  • added this info screen
  • added update notifications
  • added content provider to access databases from other apps
  • added TV Show covers in TV Show details (long-click on TV show)
  • added contact picker in userlists
  • added search in plots

Version 0.2

  • first release to public