1. Installation
2. Initial Configuration
3. Settings
   3.1. Languages
   3.2. Database Settings
   3.3. Online Settings
   3.4. List Settings
   3.5. XBMC Settings
   3.6. Version
4. Usage
   4.1. Main Menu
   4.2. Manage Lists
   4.3. Movies
   4.4. Movie Details
   4.5. TV Shows
   4.6. Actors / Directors
   4.7. Actor Details
   4.8. Director Details
   4.9. Google Quick Search Box
5. Development

1. Installation

Download the current version of YaMBro (.apk-file) to your phone and install it for example with "appInstaller" (available in Google Marketplace).
Then, all you have to do, is copying the database file from one of the following Media Managers to your phone.

  • XBMC (database file is called MyVideos34.db and is located either in %USERHOME%\XBMC\ or %installation directory% followed by "userdata\databases".
  • Ember Media Manager (revisited) (database file is called Media.emm and is located in the installation directory).
After locating the database file, copy it to your connected phone to a directory of your choice. Refer to your phones manual how to copy files from the computer to the phone.


2. Initial Configuration

On first startup, YaMBro asks which type of database you use and where it's located. You can browse your phones directory where you can locate your previously copied database file (Hint: if you've copied it to your external SD-card, you'll find it at /mnt/sdcard/).


3. Settings

Here you can change the apps language.

Database settings
Here you can change the used database type and path.

Online settings

  • If use online content is checked, YaMBro tries to download additional data (e.g. movie covers or actor pictures)
  • If Update notifications is checked, YaMBro informs you, when there's a new version of YaMBro available
  • With Cover sizes you can select the size of downloaded covers

List Settings
Here you can set default values for number of movies an actor or director has made to list him/her in the corresponding lists. Because your database can have lots of actors / directors you can limit the size of the list with this setting and your phone responds faster when displaying those lists.

XBMC Settings
If you set the connection to your XBMC-Server, you can play movies / TV Episodes from YaMBro by long-clicking them (from the context menu). You have to enter protocol, hostname and port (e.g. "http://myxbmcserver:8080").

Here you can find the current installed version of YaMBro.


4. Usage

In general, in all screens, you can touch on colored links to jump to further screens or sort lists.

Main Menu
On the main menu, you can access several lists (Movies, TV Shows, Actors & Directors) by clicking on the corresponding Buttons.

Manage Lists

In the menu, you have access to "Manage Lists" to maintain system- or user defined lists.
  • System Lists are pre-defined lists like "Duplicate Movies" or "Recently added movies"
  • User Lists are user defined lists. Here you can create for example lists like "Watchlist", "Loaned List". In user defined lists, you can easily add contacts from your phone in the optional comment field.
Manage Lists


Movies List Filter
Here you'll find all movies from the database. You can sort the list by clicking on the colored column-headers or by accessing the Sort by... function from the menu.
The Filter by...-menu is a powerfull filter function. You can filter by many different options (e.g. title, plot, format (divx, mpg,...), source, resolution (width, height, aspect ratio), genre)
If you've created user lists already, you can add movies to them by long-clicking a movie from the context menu.
If you've configured a XBMC-connection in settings, you can play movies in XBMC by long-clicking a movie from the context menu.
Clicking on a movie displays the Movie Details.

Movie Details

Movie Details
Movie Details lists all additional information from your database to the specific movie. Clicking on the IMDB-Button opens the corresponding IMDB-Homepage for the movie, where you can read even more information about it.
If you've set use online content in the Settings menu, YaMBro tries to download covers from the internet for the movie. After a cover is displayed, you can click on it to open a gallery of available covers for this movie. Clicking on one cover again in the gallery, the cover is shown in full size (the size is defined in settings by cover sizes.
Clicking on an actor or the director opens a list with all moview with / by this actor / director.

TV Shows

TV Show Episodes
TV Shows lists all your TV Shows in your database. You'll see the name, the number of seasons and episodes and the rating of the show. Long-clicking on one show opens the context menu where you can access the Show Details. Here you can find the plot of the show, the number of available seasons and a TV Show cover, if you've choosen use online content in your Settings.
Clicking n a TV Show displays all available seasons in your database and lists the containing episodes. Clicking on a season opens the episodes list of the season. Clicking again on the episode opens the episodes details, where you can see the plot of the episode and the credits & actors of the episode.
You can always jump back to the different lists by clicking on the header fields of the list.

TV Show Details

Actors / Directors

Actors List
The Actors and Directors lists are very similar. Both list all of the actors / directors from the database. You can filter those lists in the Filter by...-menu by Name and min. # movies an actor / director has to have made. This makes sense, because your database will probably have a lot of (not so well known...) actors / directors with only one movie. You can change the default number of minimum movies in the List Settings.
You can sort the lists by name / # movies by clicking on the colored headers.
Clicking on an actor / director opens the Actor / Director Details.

Actor Details

Actor Details
The Actor Details screen shows all the Movies, TV Shows and even TV Episodes of an actor where he/she appears in different tabs. You can sort and filter those lists again from the menu.
If you've selected use online content in your Settings, YaMBro tries to download an actor picture. Clicking on the area with the picture preview / name opens the image in a larger version.

Director Details
The Director Details screen shows all the Movies a director has made. It's similar to the already known Movies list except it's filtered by the selected director.

Google Quick Search Box

Google Quick Serach Box
Since version 0.4 you can add YaMBro to your Google Quick Search widget. Then you can search the YaMBro database even without starting the app itself. Just configure your Google Quick Search Box to use YaMBro as search source. Then you can jump directly to the Movie details page from your search results.


5. Development

Other apps can access the underlying databases through YaMBro via a Content Provider. You can access the database for example with this coding snippet:
 Uri movieBaseUri = Uri.parse("content://de.luck539.yambro.model.MoviesProvider/movies");
 // special Uri for unique movie with id
 Uri myMovieUri = Uri.withAppendedPath(movieBaseUri, "23");
 // what columns do I need?
 String[] projection = new String[] { "m_title", "m_imdb", "m_studio", "m_tagline" };
 // get a Cursor with filters and sort order:
 // Cursor cursor = managedQuery(movieBaseUri, projection,"m_title LIKE '%007%'", null, "m_title");
 // or get the Cursor for the specific movie:
 Cursor cursor = managedQuery(myMovieUri, projection,null, null, null);
 System.out.println("counter: "+cursor.getCount());
 while (cursor.moveToNext()) {
   for (int i = 0; i < cursor.getColumnCount(); i++) {
    System.out.print(cursor.getColumnName(i) + ": " + cursor.getString(i));
Available fields you can use for projection are:
Movie Directorm_director
Movie Genresm_genres
Movie IMDB Idm_imdb
Movie Original Titlem_origtitle
Movie Plotm_plot
Movie Ratingm_rating
Movie runtime (text field, not the real runtime of the file)m_runtime
Movie Studiom_studio
Movie Taglinem_tagline
Movie Titlem_title
Movie TOP250 positionm_top250
Movie Yearm_year